Distributions of Deergrasses

Maps are from the Distribution Database (B.S.B.I.), extracted 13 February 2020. I am extremely grateful to Andy Amphlett for tackling the numerous spurious entries for T. cespitosum which continue to creep into the database, when germanicum or the aggregate are intended.

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Stacks Image 1779
Stacks Image 1783
Stacks Image 1785
There is still some evidence of ‘local effort’ in the hybrid map!
We can presume that the hybrid is going to be widespread in the ‘peatier’ areas – at least in the more hilly regions – in Scotland, Wales, and Ireland.
It appears to have only somewhat limited means of spread – at least at the present time – being +/- fully sterile and having very limited lateral spread with its tufted growth. It may be spread by its ‘plantlet’ propagules – but proliferous plants are only a small proportion of most populations.

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