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Three UK deergrass taxa – two distinct species and their hybrid...

Trichophorum germanicum ~ Common Deergrass
Trichophorum cespitosum ~ Northern Deergrass
Trichophorum ×foersteri ~ Hybrid Deergrass

Pages are linked from a drop-down menu under ‘Deergrasses’ in the banner atop, or from the side-bar to the right** or via the buttons below. Covered are the genus Trichophorum, the species and their hybrid, and there are pages for field ID, stem anatomy [fascinating!], and further information.

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Northern Deergrass, to which the name
Trichophorum cespitosum now specifically applies, is becoming more widely known to UK botanists, but it is still unclear to what extent it is being overlooked, possibly over-recorded, or logged in error when T. germanicum, either as the species, or in an aggregate sense, was intended.

The range of the hybrid
Trichophorum ×foersteri can also certainly be extended and infilled (see Distributions). In some habitats at least, the hybrid greatly outnumbers its parents!

I hope these pages may stimulate interest in the fascinating little plant
Trichophorum cespitosum, and clarify its separation from the other two taxa.

Recommended!: a PDF slideshow details the history, habitats, and identification of deergrasses (50 MB; opens a new window, or can be downloaded).

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I am grateful to Michael Braithwaite (long-time BSBI Referee for the genus) for his help and encouragement when I was getting to grips with this genus.